Global Salesforce Saturday

Global Salesforce Saturday was the idea of Ron Moyo and Sergey Erlikh.  Ron’s Dallas Fort Worth Salesforce Saturday group had been competing against Sergey’s Amsterdam Salesforce Saturday group for the last 3 months.  They decided to take it Global!

Stephanie Herrera looped in Atul Gupta who had done a 12hr Salesforce Saturday Trailheadathon with his New Delhi Salesforce Saturday group last year!

So the four went to work on organizing the event. At the time, they had no idea just what was in store! They created a Slack channel so all Salesforce Saturday point of contacts for each group could communicate with each other in the weeks building up to the event! It was a great place for collaboration! Atul created a Quip document to gather all of the info they needed from each group. He then created an agenda for myself, Ron and Sergey to work from and finalize.

Atul also provided an AMAZING Salesforce Developer Durgesh Dhoot, who had created a leaderboard for their 12 Hr Trailheadathon!

Durgesh very patiently and kindly tweaked the leaderboard to our liking for GlobalSalesforceSaturday. He and Atul provided the AMAZING image on the Registration for the Leaderboard as well, that was a very pleasant surprise on the day of the event!

Leading up to the day of the event, October 28th, all of us existing Salesforce Saturday groups saw this as a way to have fun helping each other Learn and Earn Trailhead badges! We would all be collaborating at the same time or as close to the same time as possible, on a common goal, Globally! There was just something so very cool about that for US!!

We had no idea, the rest of the community would take such an interest!! That was a very pleasant surprise!!

WE want to send a SPECIAL THANK YOU to Holly Firestone for volunteering to get up early on a Saturday morning and joining the Austin Salesforce Saturday group! She did a Welcome Kickoff to all of the groups still participating at 8:30am CST.

Tricia Austin from the Trailhead team, who also lives in Austin, joined us as well!!